Tamarack™ to Launch glidefree™ Transfer Board Strips

Tamarack is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of our all-new glidefree transfer board strips with ShearBan® technology, in June 2009.


Skin tissue trauma occurs during transfers from a wheelchair to another chair or bed, causing pain and the risk of infection. The risk of skin damage increases during wet transfers, from a shower or tub to a chair, when the frictional forces increase as a result of damp skin sliding against a transfer board.


In response to interest from rehabilitation therapists in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area last year, Tamarack began installing its low-friction ShearBan® product on transfer boards. ShearBan® applies directly to a device, such as an orthosis, prosthesis or footwear – reducing friction wherever painful rubbing causes hot spots, blisters or ulcers. The application of ShearBan® technology to transfer boards is a great solution for transfer board users.




Once released in early June 2009, glidefree will come pre-packaged in 1″ x 34″ strips, ready for installation on transfer boards of any type. Initially, customers will be able to purchase glidefree direct from Tamarack, although we hope to increase distribution to include durable medical equipment suppliers by late summer 2009.


Stay tuned for the official launch of glidefree transfer board strips with ShearBan® technology.


© 2009 glidefree is a trademark of Tamarack Habilitation Technologies. Made in the U.S.A.


Posted by Jason Pawelsky, Product Manager, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies


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