ShearBan Ovals Address Clinicians Desire for Affordable and Effective Diabetic Foot Care

We’re pleased to announce the official launch of our

new ShearBan® Ovals product – a variation of the

original ShearBan 9″x12″ sheets.

For over 15 years, Tamarack has been committed to the research, testing and development of low-friction technologies, including our ShearBan® and ENGO® product lines. ShearBan® offers a long-lasting solution in the clinical setting to friction-induced blisters, calluses and diabetic foot ulcers.

ShearBan® Ovals now provide a shape ideal for preventing and treating the diabetic foot. The Ovals are particularly suited for placement in footwear under the metatarsal heads or next to the big toe, where most ulcers develop. ShearBan® is effective, affordable, and easy to use for ulcer prevention and relief.

ShearBan® Ovals are now available from Becker Orthopedic, worldwide distributor of Tamarack™ products.

For purchasing information, call (800) 521-2192 toll free, or visit

For general inquiries about ShearBan, visit


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