Diabetes Diabetic Care Workshop @ AAOP 2010

The American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists 36th Annual Meeting and Symposium is coming up soon – Feb 24-27, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. You can view the program at www.academyannualmeeting.org.

If you see patients with diabetic / neuropathic foot problems and are looking for an edge in ways to address commonly seen problems, please consider signing up for Technical Workshop 33 titled “Diabetic Foot Problems and Novel Ways to Treat Them with ShearBan®” on Wednesday 24 February, 2010. The workshop will discuss the biomechanics of the diabetic/neuropathic foot, footwear, pedorthic/orthotic interventions, and friction science. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to install ShearBan using a variety of techniques. The presenters will be Dennis Janisse, CPed from National Pedorthic Services, Inc. and Mark Payette, CO from Tamarack Habilitation Technologies.


3 thoughts on “Diabetes Diabetic Care Workshop @ AAOP 2010

  1. Brandy,

    Diabetes is so tough because it affects so many parts of the body. As you mention, however, good self-monitoring, diet, and the right level of exercise can make a huge difference.

    Be good to yourself, Brandy!


  2. Yes, with proper eating habit. Healthy lifestyle such as; not smoking, no alcoholic drink (make it none is better), more workout (simple exercise will do too), etc. Always be aware of this disease. Share this awareness with friends. Thanks for sharing this :).

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