Haglund’s Deformity, Bauer Bump, or Pump Bump – Non-Surgical Treatment

Has anyone used ENGO® (our consumer product) or ShearBan® (our professional product) to help treat Haglund’s deformity, also known as the “pump bump” or “bauer bump”? We are interested in hearing from you if you have!

Haglund’s Deformity occurs at the back of the heel. The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons has a nice drawing of Haglund’s deformity on their website. The deformity occurs when footwear rubs at the back of the heel. This often results in painful bursitis.

I talked to a hockey parent who’s in the healthcare field. He said hockey players often develop this bump.

John Lampe, President, Tamarack Habilitation Technologies


53 thoughts on “Haglund’s Deformity, Bauer Bump, or Pump Bump – Non-Surgical Treatment

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  2. I’m 34 now and have been playing hockey since I was 4. I have had these bumbs on the back of my heels for years now…so long that I don’t even remember when they first appeared. Ironically I have worn Bauer skates most of my life.

    • Hi, my 12 year old son developed Bauer Bumps last year in a pair of CCM skates. It was so painful, he even missed games. You know a kid is in pain when you drive an hour to a game, he’s in the locker room, completely dressed, puts on his skates…and just can’t do it.
      We saw a podiatrist, used a heel cup, tried some kind of sticky pad which lasted about 2 minutes, but nothing worked. Then we bought him new skates – Bauer this time- and had them punched. This was much better and got him through the rest of the season.
      Now he is 13, skates 6 times a week, and his bumps are back.
      I was thinking of bunga pads, but that is a pricey experiment if we end up having to buy new skates again.
      I’m not sure that his problem is due to friction, vs pressure (bone bruise.). Any thoughts?

      • Hi Kasie,

        Thank you for reaching out to us. As you’ve most likely already read, Bauer Bumps (Haglund’s Deformity) are caused by inflammation between the tendon and bone at the back of the heel – a very common issue for hockey players. Pressure and repetitive shearing between the tissue layers and skate work work together to cause the pain that your son is experiencing. Since pressure cannot be eliminated, we recommend using ENGO Blister Prevention Patches to help eliminate the effects of shearing at the back of the heel. The blister patch, in combination with tight, well-fitting skates and good quality socks, should help keep your son in the game with minimal discomfort.

        For hockey skates, we recommend either the ENGO Rectangles or ENGO Large Oval Patches.

        Feel free to reach us by email: info[at]goengo[dot]com with any further questions. We’d also be grateful to hear how the patches work for your son after he’s had a chance to try them.

        Best regards,

        Jason P., Sales & Marketing Manager
        Tamarack Habilitation Technologies

  3. I’m 34 now and have been playing ice hockey since I was 4. I have had these bumbs on the back of my heels for years now…so long that I don’t even remember when they first appeared. Ironically I have worn Bauer skates most of my life.

    • Hi Jim,

      Thank you so much for making a comment on our blog. If you haven’t tried our ENGO or ShearBan product, I’d be happy to send you a sample. We’d like to hear your feedback. Feel free to email us with your mailing address: info@tamarackhti.com.

      Jason Pawelsky
      Sales & Marketing Manager

  4. Have Bauer bumps on heels of both feet and on right inside ankle bone, the heels don’t bother me. The ankle bone bump was real sore at the end of last season. I wear Bauer Vapor 40 skates that are about 1.5 years old. I skate every day during the season. Aug thru end of March

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with Bauer bumps, Marc! We hope you’ll give our ENGO Blister Prevention Patches a shot at keeping those ankle bones happy & healthy. For more information about reducing rubbing & blisters with ENGO Patches, check out http://www.GoENGO.com.

  5. Read Steve Sorrell’s statement: https://insidetamarack.wordpress.com/2010/08/05/california-man-finds-much-needed-relief-from-haglund%e2%80%99s-deformity/ if you want to hear the story of someone who used ENGO to treat Haglund’s deformity (aka bauer bump or pump bump). Steve is an avid hiker who was plagued by Haglund’s deformity. after installing ENGO “the result was instant and nothing shy of life-changing!” I swear Steve is a real person, and we did not make this quote!

  6. I have been told that Bauer skates are flat, while CCM has a slight heel raise. Since I have that dreaded bump on one heel, which has been very painful, I find the connection to Bauer skates interesting.
    I relieved my pain my pain by changing my shoes, quarter inch heel raise and a firm foot bed. The bump is still there but over time the pain resolved.
    I am interested in knowing more about your product.
    I found this page since my son has been fitted for an AFO using your dorsi assist hinge being made by Allan Moore in Kitchener Ontario.
    D Sorley

    • Thanks so much for sharing your story on our blog!

      The professional version of our low friction interface technology is called ShearBan and is widely used by orthotic & prosthetic clinicians and technicians. Mr. Moore should be able to supply you with this product. The consumer version, ENGO Blister Prevention Patches, is available through specialty running & outdoor retailers across the USA & UK, as well as through a handful of internet retailers who distribute across much of the world. Check out http://www.GoENGO.com for more information.

  7. Dee,

    That’s quite a coincidence. Allan Moore is a well known and innovative orthotist. Your son is getting good care!


  8. My 10 year old son has developed these bumps on his heels and on one ankle bone. The left heel is worse than the right. It’s very painful for him, and I have been padding his heels any way I can think of when he skates, but it keeps getting worse. He has been skating for 2 years, and he has been in pain for the past 4 months. I’d like to do something before it gets even worse, but don’t want to do cortisone injections (I’ve read these bumps are actually bursitis.) He too has always worn Bauer skates (Vapor 40s). Any ideas for kids?

    • Hi Amanda,
      I would definitely recommend trying our ENGO Blister Prevention Patches (http://www.goengo.com). Hockey skates and dress shoes are notorious for causing painful heel rubbing (caused by “friction”), which leads to blisters and other skin trauma. The patches are ultra-thin to create a virtually invisible protective barrier between foowear and the skin. ENGO Patches are used & recommended by podiatrists, athletic trainers and other allied healthcare professionals worldwide.

      We wish you the best with your son’s foot care!

    • My 10 year old son has also developed painful bumps on both heels, which we first noticed recently. He has been playing hockey for four years now, and has been wearing Bauer Vapor 40 skates for the past year and a half. The condition was diagnosed by a podiatrist as Haglund’s deformity by a podiatrist who recommended that my son be fitted for orthotics, and regularly stretch his Achilles tendon. I strongly suspected that the skates were primarily responsible, and was surprised that the podiatrist, who was aware that my son skates an average of five times a week, wasn’t interested in even looking at his skates. Today, when the condition became almost unbearable. We went to a skate shop and the salesperson was immediately aware of the issue and referred to it as “Bauer bump.” I’ve played hockey myself for decades, and consider this to be a potential product defect that should be addressed by the manufacturer.

      • Hi Alex,
        Thank you for sharing your son’s experience with Haglund’s deformity. As you’ve seen on our blog, there are lots of hockey players out there with the same issue. We believe the problem is caused by repetitive rubbing on the back of the heel and recommend applying an ENGO Blister Prevention Patch to the back of the skate. The patches create an ultra-low friction surface that allows the skin to glide over the area of the footwear that’s causing the skin trauma in the first place. If the patches don’t work for your son (although we’re very confident that they will), we will certainly refund your money. To purchase online or find a retail store that carries our product near you, search our store locator: http://www.goengo.com/store_locator.aspx

        If you have any further questions, feel free to email us: info@goengo.com or give me a call during business hours, Monday through Friday: (866) 795-0057

        Thanks again for sharing your experience. We hope you decide to try our product!

        Jason P., Sales & Marketing

  9. I’ve recently developed this “pump bump” and have been frustrated by the associated pain when playing hockey. This has become more obvious with the advent of late model skates as they have moved to a more 90 degree angle as far as the gradient of laces is concerned. In earlier models be it Bauer or CCM it used to be more of a progressive angle and it forced your foot down & back to the heel, now it forces your foot back against the heel. By the way I live in Australia, your thoughts? Be well…..Rad

    • Thank you for your comment, Rad. Hockey skates are certainly notorious for causing heel irritation and pain. You seem to understand the biomechanics of the foot that are causing your pain. We hope that you’ll try applying our ENGO Blister Prevention Patches (http://www.goengo.com) to the inside-back of your skates. In large volume footwear like skates, we recommend the rectangle patches. They can be trimmed to any shape/size. Our blister product interfaces your sock and it’s near frictionless surface cuts the rubbing to help prevent and heal friction blisters and calluses. Your pump bumps will feel better as well. We ship to Australia too. Best of luck!

  10. I haven’t tried the Engo or Shearban products but am definitely interested. I tried to play hockey last night, and my pump bump gave me so much pain I could hardly skate. I’ve tried the moleskin protective padding, which used to work, but is not as effective anymore. I stumbled across this site in searching for treatment today. Where do I get these products?

    • Hi Leah,

      You can order a pack of our ENGO Blister Prevention Patches directly from us at http://www.goengo.com. We offer free shipping and GUARANTEE that you’ll have positive results. Depending on the size of the area where you’re experiencing those nasty pump bumps (aka Bauer Bumps), you may want to try our rectangle patches (#E-2REC) or our large oval patches (#E-4LO or E-STR).

      If you have any further questions, feel free to email me directly: jasonp@tamarackhti.com. Thank you for your comment – and for reading our blog!

      ^Jason Pawelsky, Sales & Marketing

  11. Wow! I’ve had a bump like this on the back of my right heel and never really knew where it came from. It’s never caused me any pain (so far, thankfully), but I always wondered what caused it to develop. Now I know – I’ve been wearing Bauer skates for the last 15 years! I’d never even heard of the “Bauer Bump” (or any problems associated with Bauer skates) until just now, when I ran a Google search looking for new skates.

  12. The “bump” is common to those wearing ice skates and ski boots. When I am patching feet at various extreme running events, I often see these bumps and always ask the athlete about the bump. 99.9% of the time, they all tell me they ski or skate. Because I always carry a Ziplock bag with as assortment of ENGO Patches for blister control, I put them in the shoes/boots of those with these bumps. And they work.

  13. I’ve purchased two new sets of Bauer skates for my 13 and 11 year old girls and they both have developed bumps on the back of their heels. One has Bauer One 70’s and the other has Bauer XXI’s. Both skates were fitted properly when purchased.
    They are skating well however the heel pain is interfering with their performance and I was wondering if their is a solution other than changing skate brands?
    We are in the playoffs now and have a busy schedule so any timely advice is welcome.

    • Dale,
      Thank you very much for sharing your daughters’ experience with the Bauer bumps. We have heard quite a few reports from athletes and parents who are suffering through the same heel pain that you are talking about.

      We recommend installing our ENGO Blister Prevention Patches (http://www.goengo.com) to the back of your daughters’ skates; wherever they are experiencing redness from tight, high-friction areas in their skates. ENGO Patches provide a slick, low-friction surface to allow skin to glide over irritating hot spots without causing redness and pain. The large oval ENGO Patches should be perfect for your daughters’ skates. We also offer a back-of-heel patch and rectangle patch that is commonly used to prevent and relieve friction blisters, calluses and Bauer bumps.

      If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me (info@goengo.com). Let me know how the ENGO Patches work for your daughters!

      Jason P., Sales & Marketing
      Tamarack Habilitation Technologies

    • I have had this same problem and recently went to a specialist. Unfortunately padding is the best non-surgical method. the surgery involves detaching the Achilles tenant and also involves being in a full cast for a minimum of three months, as well as rehab. Mine are extremely painful and first developed by way of bauer XXXXs. I suggest using doughnut shaped pads, prewrap and medical tape. it works best for me, however it is a hassle to preform every time putting on skates. once the foot stops growing, i suggest custom skates- thats where i’m headed. it is expensive but worth it for a serious hockey player who aspires for college or very competitive high school play.

  14. ***BAUER BUMP SOLUTION**** two words. Bauer APX. the new apx skates are absolutely incredible! i had a horrible bauer bump and the pain is gone! the new phone literally wraps around your foot and molds perfectly. locks heal in and feels great. no heal movement at all.

  15. Hello –

    My son, 12, hockey player for 8 years has developed a bauer bump on the side of his foot – not the back of the heel. He has worn bauer skates as well. Will your product help? I can send pics later if you want to see it.

    • Hi Janet,

      We appreciate any pictures you’d be willing to provide. I would be happy to send a complimentary sample of our product for your son to try. Please email any pictures along with your mailing address to info@goengo.com. After your son get’s a chance to use our product, we’d be interested in featuring the results on our blog so that other hockey players can see the benefits of reducing friction to help eliminate skin trauma caused by painful Bauer bumps.

      Thank you for your message!

      Jason P., Sales & Marketing
      Tamarack Habilitation Technologies

  16. I have a pump bump that’s going wild! I have expensive walking shoes that fit a few months ago. I had them on yesterday and now I have a blister the size of a quarter on the back of my heel. Will your product work for me?
    Buckeye AZ

  17. I have bumps on both feet, but only the bump on the left side hurts like crazy. My podiatrist suggested an Achilles brace but there’s no way that will fit in a skate boot. Incidentally, I wear Grafs and haven’t worn Bauers for maybe ten years, yet I too have the Bauer bumps. I tried skating tonight and could barely stand it! So depressing….

  18. How’s it going? I’ve had the “Bauer Bumps” ever since I can remember; the one on my right heel is more severe than the left. I can’t especially imagine a product/simple fix getting rid of them–in the brief off-season, they don’t recede (they merely ache less). Is there any sort of active ingredient in your product or is it just more or less a pad made to decrease discomfort? –thanks!

    • Thank you for your comments, Scott and Glenn. ENGO Blister Prevention Patches allow your skin will slide comfortably across the patches, eliminating the pain that you experience when your shoes and skates rub against the back of your heel. They do not contain any active ingredients, and we’re not familiar with any product that’s known to heal Haglund’s Deformity (aka Bauer Bump or Pump Bump). Our product simply serves as a smooth interface between your shoe/skate and skin to keep friction from causing further skin trauma.

      We hope that you’ll give our product a try, and invite you to share your feedback after you’ve had a chance to do so. Thanks again for your feedback!

      For more information about ENGO Blister Prevention Patches, visit http://www.goengo.com.

      • Thanks so much for the samples!

        I was very pleasantly surprised that using a combination of a heel wrap pad in the skate heel and a piece of Engo patch layered on top of moleskin, which I then placed directly on my Bauer bump, made an immediate, huge difference. I first wrote you on a Wednesday night, when I was having a ton of pain, and by the next Monday I had a game. With the Engo modifications, not only was I able to play, the skates didn’t hurt at all.

        Now, they haven’t “cured” the bump, and I’m still receiving medical treatment to get that area calmed down. But I can positively say that one day my skates hurt like heck and five days later they didn’t. And the only change I made was adding those thin little pads. So I guess you have a new customer!

      • Thank you so much for your feedback, Scotty! I’m glad to hear that our solution is working for you. We hope that other Bauer bump sufferer’s will give this remedy a try.

  19. Im a volleyball player and just recently got new shoes. I went to a camp over the summer and got a blister. Labout 5 days later a callus appeared and then soon formed into a pump bump. Volleyball season has just started up again and will be going until next year around March. I will always wear the same shoes. I have put ice on it every night and afew excercises. I don’t know what else I can do to try to heal it. I need to know because every time I put on my volleyball shoes I feel a sharp pain in my heel. Please Help.

    • Hello Courtenay,

      Thank you for your message. We’re sorry to hear about all of the pain you’re going through. It’s frustrating and distracting to have unnecessary pain and skin trauma.

      Keep an eye out for an email from us with some suggestions for helping you to stay focused on your game, and not on your feet.

  20. I never knew this condition existed until until my 10 year old son was noticably limping after skating./ Wears bauer vapour x60’s. Has had skates only 2 months and now this heal bump appeared. Until someone mentioned in our hockey circles, I didn’t even know it had a name. I have since started him using calus donuts on it which has settled it down a bit but it doesn’t appear to be going away. And as stated by others, it is a pain to re-do this each time – especially with a 10 year old who thinks these thigns are goofy. Seeing a product that actually goes in the skate versus on the skin would be the best solution. Is this product available in canada? Do you ship to Canada? I noticed someone using this product in combination with moleskin (?). My son is a AAA player but I have noticed his skating being hamperted and he’s too young for surgery or to quit!!!! With growth spurts, this is his third pair of skates this year alone. thanks for whatever help you can give me. Sincerely Joey Harris

  21. I have something similar but it is on the left side of my ankle and higher; kind of near where the shin pads end. It almost looks like i have two ankles right now. I’m going to try and get to a podiatrist one of these days.

  22. Hi
    Im a Professional Soccer player. I have to wear my football boots everyday. About 3 months ago on our last game of the season I was wearing a pair of tight nike mercurial vapors, they were digging into my heel the full game, because I was playing well I kept them on. It was very sore but thought It would heel in a couple of weeks. Well 3 months later I still cant put on a football boot, the specialist says I have developed some hanglunds deformity,bursitis with some bone bruising. I am considering an injection but I really dont want to but as its my job I have to be able to wear boots. At the moment we are back training but Im training with the back off my boots and runners cut out. I cant even wear a proper pair of football boots. Will Engo be able to help me?I want to try all avenues before I inject

    • Thank you for your message – yes, our ENGO Blister Prevention Patches would certainly eliminate that painful “rub” that’s causing discomfort on your heel. The patches apply directly to the troublesome spot in your footwear, providing long-lasting protection from painful rubbing and blisters.

      Do you live in the USA? We have specialty retail dealers in the USA and UK that sell our product, as well as a few online retailers. Check out our Store Locator page for more information about where to find our product: http://www.goengo.com/store_locator.aspx.

      If you have any further questions, please email us: info@goengo.com.

  23. I just started to get the bauer bumps last year, from my RBK skates. However this year, with bauer skates they have gotten even worse. When playing hockey skating is extremely painful, i have tried putting second skin, which helps but still doesn’t make it 100% painless.

  24. i have worn bauers my whole life making me get bauer bumps on both feet. but this past year i got a pair of grafs and my bauer bump on my right foot hurts so much i cant even walk after practices or games. i feel that with time even off the pain and size doesn’t go down what should i do?

    • Thanks for your message, Zach!

      We’ve heard from a lot of people who wear hockey skates and suffer from Haglund’s Deformity (aka Bauer Bump). I recommend trying our ENGO Blister Prevention Patch product to manage the shear & friction aspects of the trauma that’s causing your discomfort. The patches won’t eliminate the problem, but will certainly keep your mind focused on the game and reduce or even eliminate the abrasion and skin trauma.

      For more information about this product, visit our website: http://www.goengo.com.

      Jason P., Sales & Marketing
      Tamarack Habilitation Technologies

  25. My 11 year old son plays rep hockey and is a very aggressive player known for his speed and quick bursts. He developed these bumps on the back of both heels. Since then his performance has been noticeably affected. I feel bad as he’s in quite a bit of pain on the ice. I’ve been using bandages to give some relief but not always effective. Would your product help, does it go on the bump or in the skate? I did purchase what looked like silicone pads from the pro shop but didn’t stay in the skates. Any help would be appreciated and welcomed. Also is surgery an option?

    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry. We’ve received a lot of inquiries in recent years asking about whether or not ENGO Blister Prevention Patches would help relieve the notorious “Bauer Bump”; medically referred to as Haglund’s Deformity.

      The way our product will help is by relieving the friction and shear between your son’s bony heel and the skin & skate. ENGO Blister Prevention Patches won’t actually “heal” Haglund’s Deformity, but they will make his skating more comfortable and should eliminate most of the redness and irritation.

      ENGO Blister Prevention Patches stick very well to skate liners and will ensure long-lasting protection from skin trauma. It’s a simple peel & stick application and we offer numerous shapes/sizes and package options.

      For more information, refer to our helpful “how-to” videos: http://www.goengo.com/video.aspx

      We offer a no-hassle, money-back guarantee, so it’s definitely worth a try!

      Thanks for your inquiry,

      JP – Sales & Marketing Dept.
      Tamarack Habilitation Technologies
      Minneapolis, MN USA

  26. Hello,
    My son has them bilaterally, I have tried cutting a doughnut out of gel pads and covering them with shear band to keep them in place. Works well, but after a few uses it starts to peal and becomes a pain and he ends up ripping them out. Because of the moisture in the skate I believe this is one of the reasons it does not stay in, the other is just the donning and doffing the skate. I make sure the skate is completely dry before putting them on. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep these in place longer than two to three wears.

    • Hello and thanks for your message. Generally our PTFE patches, either ShearBan or ENGO Blister Prevention Patches, are installed directly against the footwear liner (or skate, in your son’s case). I can understand how donning and doffing the skate might cause the gel pad & ShearBan Patch to peel prematurely, due to the added thickness of the combined patch.

      I’d recommend that you try using a hair dryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive between the patch and skate liner once applied to the skate. After 20-30 seconds, press firmly around the entire perimeter of the patch to help ensure that the adhesive bonds well to the liner. This technique is often used on “tricky” liner materials that don’t easily promote bonding between the patch and liner.

      If you could send a picture of the skate and patch you configured for your son’s skate, I’d like to see if our clinical and engineering staff might have additional recommendations for you. You can email me directly at jasonp[at]tamarackhti.com.

      Thanks again for your message and I hope we’re able to connect to improve your son’s experience with the custom gel pad + ShearBan application you developed.

      Best regards,

      Jason P., Sales & Marketing Manager
      Tamarack Habilitation Technologies

  27. My son has been suffering with the pump bump. We have been trying a variety of remedies to ease his discomfort with limited success. Can you tell me where we could find them in Canada?

    • Hi Christine,

      Thank you for your message. We’ve had a lot of hockey players and their parents contact us in recent years about using ENGO Blister Prevention Patches to help prevent heel discomfort and blistering due to Haglund’s Deformity (aka pump bumps and Bauer bumps). Just like with typical blistering issues, ENGO Patches will help eliminate pain and protect against skin breakdown caused by repetitive rubbing and shear.

      We don’t yet have any Canadian retailers for ENGO Blister Prevention Patches (we’re working on it) but we work with Bongo US (a FedEx freight forwarding division) to ship our product to customers in Canada and around the world. The orders ship from our office to the Bongo warehouse, at which point they are scanned and redirected to the customers address. Simply visit our shopping site: https://shop.goengo.com and follow the checkout procedures to order.

      Feel free to contact us directly with any questions or feedback. Thanks again for your inquiry!

      Best regards,

      Jason P., Sales & Marketing Manager
      Tamarack Habilitation Technologies
      ENGO Blister Prevention Patches

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