New ShearBan Ovals for Diabetic Foot Care – Now Available from PEL Supply

The latest addition to the ShearBan® product line from Tamarack™ Habilitation Technologies – ShearBan Ovals– are now available from PEL Supply. New ShearBan Ovals provide a shape ideal for preventing and treating the diabetic foot. They are particularly suited for placement in footwear under the metatarsal heads, or next to the big toe – places where ulcers develop. ShearBan Ovals are effective, affordable, and easy to use for ulcer prevention and relief.

Tamarack is committed to the research and development of low-friction technologies, including ShearBan products (, offering long-lasting solutions to friction-induced blisters, calluses and diabetic foot ulcers. ShearBan products can now be purchased through PEL Supply.

For more information on new ShearBan Ovals, or any ShearBan product by Tamarack™, contact any helpful PEL customer service specialist at (800) 321-1264, by fax (800) 222-6176, or e-mail


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