Shear Offloading for Orthotic and Prosthetic Brim Applications

Today’s blog post highlights one of the most common locations for friction-induced skin trauma – the brims of orthotic devices such as an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) or prosthetic socket. These locations are notorious for causing painful rubbing against the skin due to significant shear & pressure forces.

Using a low-friction, adhesive-backed material such as ShearBan® as an interface between the device and skin, the once-damaging shear forces caused by a combination of high friction and pressure, are now reduced to safe levels. Skin trauma will not occur.


  1. Cut ShearBan to the desired shape. Allow extra material for wrapping over the edge of the device. Install ShearBan against the inner surface first.
  2. Pull ShearBan tightly around the brim to keep the edge smooth. If desired, heat the patch slightly to help stretch around the device brim.
  3. Once stretched over the device, press firmly around entire patch surface to ensure adhesion.







For more information about ShearBan®, visit Additional ShearBan application techniques and recommendations are highlighted in the ShearBan Product Guide.


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