Announcing a New Resource for Canine Stifle Braces and other Animal Orthopedic Bracing Solutions

If you’re a pet owner or veterinarian looking for more information about canine stifle bracing and other animal orthopedic bracing solutions, we’d like to share a new resource with you!

Visit to learn more about animal orthotic, prosthetic and rehabilitation devices or to locate a facility that can consult with you about fabricating a device to help restore your pet’s mobility so he/she can enjoy a happy & healthy life.

Renowned veterinary orthopedic & sports medicine specialist, Sherman O. Canapp, DVM has developed a resource to help pet owners and veterinarians better understand the benefits and intended applications for stifle braces and other custom orthopedic braces. Dr. Canapp’s document is titled, The Custom Orthopedic Brace: An Option for Dogs that Suffer Knee (Stifle) and Other Orthopedic Injuries.

The field of animal orthotics and prosthetics specializes in providing custom and semi-custom orthopedic bracing solutions for animals – from household pets to farm and zoo animals. Until recently, surgery was the only option for a canine suffering from genetic disorders or sudden injuries. Orthopedic bracing can be explored as a more affordable solution to treat orthopedic injuries, as an alternative to surgery, or in other cases as a part of post-surgery rehabilitation.

To learn more about animal orthopedic bracing, visit


3 thoughts on “Announcing a New Resource for Canine Stifle Braces and other Animal Orthopedic Bracing Solutions

  1. Hi,

    Since ive recently found my cats front right dog tooth is bent, im looking for answers. The tooth is bent inward but doesnt seem to cause him pain. Could I possibly get it removed by a vet? And will the after effects become worse after removal? Please contact back in desperate need of information on what to do.


    • Hi Ashley,

      I recommend contacting your nearest veterinary clinic as soon as possible. We have been providing information about animal orthotic & prosthetic bracing to help educate pet owners about alternative options to surgical procedures; as well as in complement to surgical care (pre or post surgical bracing). Our experience in the veterinary market doesn’t extend into other preventative or emergency care for animals.

      It’s always best to contact a physician directly whenever immediate care is warranted.

      Good luck!

      Sales & Marketing
      Tamarack Habilitation Technologies

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