Moisturizers and Creams for the Diabetic Foot – Skin Barrier Disturbance by Lipids

Virtually every guidance on diabetic foot care recommends that people with diabetes clean and apply moisturizers to their feet (except not between the toes) at least if they are dry or callused. The American Diabetes Association has just such recommendations on foot care. However, very little research has been done on the kind of moisturizers that should be used on diabetic feet. Some moisturizers – especially those with lipid contents – appear to deteriorate the skin barrier properties (Buraczewska et al. 2009). Therefore choice of moisturizer is important. One of the few studies that has looked at moisturizers for the diabetic foot is very limited in scope (Pham et al. 2002). Is it bad for moisturizers with lipids to be used on the diabetic foot? More research certainly needs to be done here.

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