California Man Finds Much-Needed Relief from Haglund’s Deformity

Here’s a story about how a simple blister prevention product helped Steve Sorrell of Fairfield, California overcome the challenge of a painful medical condition known as Haglund’s Deformity (aka “pump bump” or “Bauer Bump”) in his pursuit of a healthier, active lifestyle.

“A year and a half ago, at age 44, I had reached an all time low of self-esteem and energy and an all time high in terms of weight. My darling bride decided to help me get out of my funk by suggesting we take up walking and hiking.

We started with some light hiking and evening walks. Sadly, I discovered that intensely painful heel blisters were zapping my progress and ruining our hikes.

Unaware that my heels were the problem, I bought more and more expensive shoes. I have recently discovered that the condition is called “Haglund’s Deformity“. It causes me to wear out the heel cup of traditional athletic shoes in a matter of hours, instantly resulting in blisters. Buying the best hiking shoes (with leather heel cups) only led to worse blistering.

Determined to keep hiking and losing weight, I did a Google search for blister remedies. I found a link to a man’s hiking site where he was talking about his similar problem and the simple cure he had found. ENGO Blister Prevention Patches!!!

I immediately ordered a pack of 30 large ovals, placed them in my hiking shoes and have never looked back. The result was instant and nothing shy of life-changing! They are now in every pair of shoes and boots I own. I replace them when I wear through the blue and into the white. They last many miles between replacements.

Now, 30 pounds lighter, I will never let myself run out of them. I have not had even a hint of a blister in 16 months, thanks to ENGO. I only wish I could spread the word farther.”

According to, “Haglund’s deformity is a bony enlargement on the back of the heel. The soft tissue near the Achilles tendon becomes irritated when the bony enlargement rubs against the shoe. To some extent, heredity plays a role in Haglund’s deformity. ”

If you’re wearing through the back of your shoes too quickly or suffer from painful heel blisters, we hope you’ll give ENGO Patches a try. Visit for more information about this unique innovation by Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc.


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