Paperless, USB Technology to Be Utilized in the Doctor’s Office

According to a recent article, a Danbury, CT medical center will open its doors next week with a paperless medical records system in place. The Imed Center of Danbury will utilize an electronic, USB drive program to review and update patient records. Patients of the clinic will be provided a credit card-sized USB drive to their physician’s office during check-in. Every office visit will be recorded electronically with the patient’s medical history.

Besides being easier to organize and update, electronic records will follow the patient to every medical office visit, making it easier for physicians to review records from other clinics and hospitals, saving time and money. If a person has the USB card in their wallet or purse and is in need of medical attention, paramedics can review the person’s medical records immediately.

What do you think about the idea of having your medical records managed electronically?

Click the following title to read the original article, New medical office embraces technology.

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