ENGO Blister Prevention Patches Featured in UK Publications

Are you familiar with Tamarack Habilitation Technologies’ consumer-packaged blister care product – ENGO® Blister Prevention Patches? The Minnesota-made product has recently been featured in some prominent publications in the United Kingdom. Here are the stories:

The Duke of Edinburgh Magazine says “Put your best foot forward” in its ENGO® product highlight. Check out the DofE magazine review here >> DofE Issue 7: Autumn 2010.

Soldier Magazine, the monthly magazine for the British armed forces reviewed ENGO in the July 2010 issue of Solider Magazine, stating:

With recent research from the United States Army suggesting that 40 percent of all soldier suffer from blisters during their training, this ingeniously-simple product could prove invaluable […] This prevention-is-better-than-cure philosophy works because the resilient material used to create the patches lowers friction, countering the rubbing effect that causes blisters. Even better, each of the easily-applied patches lasts for up to 300 miles before wearing out.

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies partnered with The London Orthotic Consultancy in 2008 to market & distribute ENGO® Blister Prevention Patches throughout the UK and surrounding area. For information about purchasing ENGO® in the UK, visit www.GoENGO.co.uk


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