OrthoPets Stifle Brace Casting “How-to” Video

OrthoPets Center for Veterinary Orthotics & Prosthetics recently developed an excellent “how-to” video for forming a plaster cast prior to fabricating an orthotic stifle brace for K-9’s.

Orthotic bracing for animals is an affordable and highly effective alternative to invasive surgical options. Because veterinary orthotic & prosthetic devices are a relatively new concept in the veterinary field, your local veterinarian may be unaware of stifle, hock and other bracing options for your pet.

Fortunately, OrthoPets has developed a series of documents, videos and casting products to help any veterinarian or technician understand how to develop a custom orthotic brace. To take the next step, visit OrthoPets “Process Guide” at http://www.orthopets.com/faq-processhome.htm

To find a veterinary orthotic & prosthetic provider near you, visit www.animaloandp.com.


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