ENGO Patch and ShearBan Installation Tip

For optimal results, particularly when applying ENGO Blister Relief Patches or ShearBan to hiking boots, hockey skates, military boots, or any shoe linings that are difficult to adhere to, apply a little heat to the patch surface after it’s applied to the shoe or insole. The pressure sensitive adhesive softens with heat (we recommend a hair dryer), creating a strong bond between the patch and the material fibers of the shoe or insole. The same results are achieved during wear, with the adhesive softening to create a better bond, but heat will speed up the process.

When fabric surfaces are particularly rough or significantly contoured, just 10-15 seconds of heat, followed by pressing firmly around the patch surface will ensure that ENGO & ShearBan low-friction patches properly adhere to footwear for long-lasting protection from friction & shear.

Additional tips and techniques for applying ENGO and ShearBan patches can be found at http://www.goengo.com/how_it_works_tips.aspx

If you have found an application method or creative use for ENGO or ShearBan patches that you’d be willing to share, please add your comments to this post.


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