Newly-Redesigned Clevisphere Ankle Joint

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies is delighted to announce the launch of our newly-redesigned Model 747 Tamarack Clevisphere Joint. In order to address customer concerns with regard to the dampener pad shifting out of place, we have engineered a recessed area within the Clevisphere Joint casting to more effectively hold the sound dampener pad in place.

As shown in the picture above, the lower photograph shows the dampener pad cavity prior to securing the leather sound dampener. The middle photograph shows the newly-redesigned Tamarack Clevisphere Joint after installing the leather sound dampener pad. Finally, the top picture shows the original Clevisphere Joint, with the leather pad secured to the top of the joint casting.

By recessing the dampener pad into the joint casting, the leather pad is no longer able to slide out of place during use, resulting in longer-lasting sound reduction, which we expect will lead to improved patient and practitioner acceptance of this unique ankle joint option.

Prior to the latest Clevisphere Joint enhancement, just last year, Tamarack incorporated a larger adjustable screw into the joint casting, which is used control the desired level of plantar flexion. This enhancement is evident in the image above (note the obvious difference in the size of the screw between the lower two images and the top image).

For more information about the Tamarack Clevisphere Joint, visit Be sure to check out the recently developed Clevisphere Joint Fabrication Guide, a step-by-step installation manual, complete with helpful tips & techniques.


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