Mobility Saves Campaign Video

Recently, the American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association and Amputee Coalition partnered to conduct a comprehensive patient care cost-effectiveness study related to the delivery of orthotic-prosthetic care across the USA.

Findings from the Dobson-DaVanzo study revealed patients who received orthotic or prosthetic services had lower or comparable Medicare costs than patients who need, but did not receive services. This insight reveals that, despite efforts amongst payer organizations to reduce funding for orthotic, prosthetic, and rehabilitation devices in an effort to reduce total healthcare expenses, the timely and adequate delivery of O&P intervention actually saves money and, most importantly, SAVES LIVES.

Watch the recently released Mobility Saves campaign video for more information about this study. We encourage you to take action by contacting your local representatives to request their support for O&P legislation aimed at ensuring adequate coverage for orthotic-prosthetic healthcare.


For more information about the Dobson-DaVanzo Study, please visit:


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